Add a Psychologist to your practice. Using our empirically based assessment tool will provide you with an efficient method to screen and assess prospective patients that are considering surgery. 




The PACSS was developed by  PhD qualified psychologists, researchers and statisticians.  We create innovative valid assessments and surveys that are personally designed for key markets, rather than applying a generic approach.  We have the unique ability to understand human behaviour and we measure, measure, measure. We can help you understand people better and increase your ability to predict human behaviour. 

The PACCS was specifically created to assist  Surgeons to offer care tailored to the needs of their patients, and enhances the understanding of the psychological impact of cosmetic surgery. We understand that cosmetic surgery is unique. Unlike most surgical procedures, the patient initiates it and the results can often elicit a more acute reaction than any other type of surgery. While most patients do well after surgery, some do not. Patients who are dissatisfied with surgery may request repeat procedures, experience depression and adjustment concerns, social isolation, family problems, self destructive behaviours and anger directed towards the surgeon and their staff.


The PACCS will take your patient approximately 7 minutes to complete. Items in this assessment were created based on relevant literature and practical based evidence. A statistical weighting has been applied to key predictor variables. When applied correctly, the PACSS will help create realistic expectations regarding the planned procedure, identify patients that may need special attention, allow targeted referral for professional therapy (when appropriate), and communicates to patients that you care about their entire experience both before and after the surgery.  This process also provides support for the due diligence that you have undertaken before proceeding with surgery. Put simply, this quantitative process helps to improve what currently tends to be an impressionistic approach to surgery.



"We believe that Psychosocial assessment is an integral part of any patient's aesthetic surgery journey and should be routinely administered to all patients prior to undergoing surgery". 

We work exclusively with FRACS qualified surgeons. Please contact us for further information and references. Due to AHPRA regulations we are unable to publish testimonials online. 



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Add a Psychologist

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